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by EmperorArthur
03 Jun 2014, 23:50
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.31.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.31.0

The most annoying thing is that every toolkit implements their own version of the STL containers. They all work the same way as pure C++, until they don't. Seriously, there's std::string, ogre::string, QString, and whatever boost adds to the mix. Also, I'm going to do some more work on loading XYZ_r...
by EmperorArthur
02 Jun 2014, 01:43
Forum: General Development
Topic: Static analysis
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Re: Static analysis

Here's a scan-build from latest master (538aa6607ecdb6d105ef994b62f8f29711732a1e).
by EmperorArthur
25 May 2014, 15:08
Forum: Join the team
Topic: Application - EmperorArthur
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Application - EmperorArthur

Hi folks, I've been watching this project on GitHub for a while now, and figured it was about time to say "Hello." I love what everyone is doing, and see things here and there that I'm interested in cleaning up or trying a slightly different method. A few of those I've commented on the appropriate p...