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by Tarius
04 Feb 2014, 04:57
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: FPS limiter
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Re: FPS limiter

If your laptop is getting too hot, you need to clean the dust out of it.
by Tarius
04 Feb 2014, 04:55
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: English news poll
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Re: English news poll

Aw, I always liked the way he did, I especially got a laugh out of a real cock-up of a miswording he did that he was very happy to have me point out to him before hardly anyone saw it. haha (he knows what this is)
by Tarius
01 Feb 2014, 18:14
Forum: General
Topic: Splash screens
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Re: Splash screens

Legal liability. I don't want to go to court because someone got their buttocks sued off because of my advice. Especially considering that I studied copyright law with someone whose personal convictions call for a much more limited copyright law, and I probably picked up a little bit of that (not t...
by Tarius
01 Feb 2014, 01:34
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: News has many many many typos
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Re: News has many many many typos

Dag gumit, some random person comes along and breaks our news poster.
by Tarius
28 Jan 2014, 21:55
Forum: General Development
Topic: Installation Wizard
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Re: Installation Wizard

I have to differ from Zini here. I see "Morrowind Installation Language" with the name of the language next to it and immediatly think "oh, I can choose what language I want to use". If all else fails, simply put a little description that says what it is.
by Tarius
28 Jan 2014, 00:51
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: SCaLE 12x call for papers
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Re: SCaLE 12x call for papers

I'm not sure there's reason to mention Scrawl's Shiny library used in OpenMW ("a shader and material management library for OGRE") but it's still pretty cool. I actually wanted to talk about this a lot... I need to harass scrawl for infos. Haha. I think its a good idea to talk about this because it...
by Tarius
20 Jan 2014, 02:25
Forum: General
Topic: Specularity maps, Motion blur and Physics
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Re: Specularity maps, Motion blur and Physics

I have a question in that context too. How complicated can be an implementation of realistic physics for all non-statical objects in OpenMW? (For example, i want to throw a plate and it should properly collide with environment). Does it require a huge refactoring, changing current physics engine, e...
by Tarius
19 Jan 2014, 18:26
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Space Engine
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Re: Space Engine

I see all these engines. Its like the wild west for engines. You have some that do one thing well but not other things and you have some that would be cool if combined.
At some point we need and End All Engine.
by Tarius
18 Jan 2014, 21:54
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Antialiasing
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Re: Antialiasing

SGMonkey wrote:
BlueFootedBooby wrote:,,,is like pissing in an ocean of piss
What if you're pissing blood?
Then you probably wont care about this because you are dying.
by Tarius
18 Jan 2014, 00:43
Forum: General
Topic: 2014
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Re: 2014

should be on track to reach 1.0 in the next few months.(barring any major code complications) I think we'll hit 1.0 this year, but you should seriously consider a job as a game producer. ;) "Oh yea! We'll ship next week! What could possibly go wrong!" All in fun, just giving you a hard time, haha. ...