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by Chris
18 Apr 2021, 01:32
Forum: General Development
Topic: Lua scripting in OpenMW
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Re: Lua scripting in OpenMW

The idea of Lua scripting is not to do the same as C++, but to do much more that was possible before. For example I would like to see an advanced AI. Not just "like in later games", but really advanced. Modern RPG are too focused on graphics and animation and don't really care about AI. But maybe i...
by Chris
07 Apr 2021, 16:47
Forum: Support
Topic: OMW Beginner Help
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Re: OMW Beginner Help

Funny enough, I just ran into this the other day:
by Chris
07 Apr 2021, 16:34
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: On Lua Scripting Limitations
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Re: On Lua Scripting Limitations

The argument seems to be you'd never need any of these functionalities since the API can always be extended and should be powerful enough. No, the argument is that much of what's needed can be provided with a built-in interface, and that the compatibility, stability, and security issues outweigh th...
by Chris
31 Mar 2021, 05:20
Forum: Support
Topic: (Solved) Data Files tab in OpenMW launcher does not show all plugins at once
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Re: Data Files tab in OpenMW launcher does not show all pluggins at once

What is the reasoning behind that drop-down menu? The drop-down menu is to show a list of "games" (esms that don't depend on another esm), and the list of plugins that appear under it are plugins that depend on that game. What can happen in a case like this is you have a mod for Morrowind that does...
by Chris
06 Jan 2021, 20:10
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Main menu Hi Res
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Re: Main menu Hi Res

There are mods which add a proper widescreen background (including intro video). There is nothing we can do from the engine side. The engine needs a way to know what aspect ratio a background image is supposed to be. As it is now, the engine only has two options: assume/force 4:3, or fill screen. S...
by Chris
27 Dec 2020, 14:48
Forum: General Development
Topic: Distant Land: where to next?
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Re: Distant Land: where to next?

I think that's a spambot. That's word-for-word exactly what you said back here in the middle of the first sentence.
by Chris
23 Nov 2020, 00:44
Forum: General
Topic: Translation Management and Community
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Re: Translation Management and Community

The engine will also need to support UTF-8 content files to do it correctly. Currently there's a config setting to interpret content files as being one of a select few code pages (like the original engine data expects), which is less than ideal on its own, but also limits the possible languages/char...
by Chris
22 Sep 2020, 22:39
Forum: General
Topic: OpenMW with Godot?
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Re: OpenMW with Godot?

Sometime ago i've read that OpenMW probably will not support Vulkan, because replacing OpenGL with it will break compatibility with older hardware and supporting both API will increase maintaining cost (or something like this). And i've thought: why don't use upcoming Godot 4.0, which supports both...
by Chris
22 Sep 2020, 17:03
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: OpenMW support for other games: Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout and more
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Re: Elder-scrolls IV Oblivion

Maybe he works for Microsoft, and now is too close to Bethesda to safely contribute code?
by Chris
21 Sep 2020, 13:24
Forum: General
Topic: Discussion regarding OpenMW's licence – GPL vs MIT, etc
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Re: The Summer in Review: June-July-August 2020

I was referring to permissive licenses, like MIT. Because here's the thing, GPL isn't free, it infects anything it's used in, and has many conditions restricting how it's used. At the same time, permissive licenses allow closed source binary-only releases, to not publish any changes made (there's o...