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by pvdk
27 Dec 2020, 16:46
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: The Morrowind Proclamations
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Re: The Morrowind Proclamations

Haha great stuff!
by pvdk
27 Dec 2020, 16:38
Forum: General Development
Topic: Distant Land: where to next?
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Re: Distant Land: where to next?

I disapproved the post, should be gone now
by pvdk
21 Dec 2020, 21:31
Forum: Editor Development
Topic: New OpenMW-CS Icons
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Re: New OpenMW-CS Icons

Very pretty indeed!
by pvdk
17 Sep 2018, 23:19
Forum: Support
Topic: Can't install on macOS
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Re: Can't install on macOS

I believe that dialog asks you to select the location of the Morrowind installation media, but since OS X doesn't do dialog titles it isn't all that clear what you're supposed to do. Normal operating systems would have "Select Morrowind installation media" in the title. It's on my list of things to ...
by pvdk
28 Jun 2018, 23:32
Forum: General
Topic: Made a Launcher UI Design.
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Re: Made a Launcher UI Design.

Very nice! I plan on moving the launcher code to use QML/QtQuick as soon as we drop Qt4 support. The idea is to have a fully themeable launcher, which goes way further than what's currently possible with the stylesheet. Your design could be implemented then and I'd love to see what you (and others) ...
by pvdk
18 Jun 2018, 09:32
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: New Font Implementation
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Re: New Font Implementation

I would really like it if we could just ship the .ttf/otf fonts, and have the user choose between those or bitmap. That way I can use them in the launcher too, for skinning purposes etc. T'was the reason I asked for the Ayembedt font in the first place, have a properly licensed version so we could s...
by pvdk
01 May 2015, 10:52
Forum: General
Topic: Why aren't mods on a github?
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Re: Why aren't mods on a github?

Another solution might be to use GitHub's Large File Storage (LFS) extension for Git. It's basically replaces large files with text pointers inside Git and lets you host the files on the GitHub servers. Or perhaps Git-annex which I believe does the same thing but with more options as to where your c...
by pvdk
22 Apr 2015, 20:39
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Extra Scripting Functions
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Re: Extra Scripting Functions

Check out maqifrnswa's SWIG Scripting Extensions project and the wiki page on how to compile it and write scripts. Also, make sure to check out this topic about future (post 1.0) plans regarding scripting.
by pvdk
13 Apr 2015, 18:58
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Topic: cannot load savegames on 0.35.1
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Re: cannot load savegames on 0.35.1

It's not as hard as it sounds. Judging from your post it seems you already managed to run openmw from a command-line. Now do that again, only add the parameters Zini supplied after the executable name, so like this:

Code: Select all

openmw --script-verbose --script-all
by pvdk
11 Apr 2015, 03:33
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Launcher's Data Files suggestions
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Re: Launcher's Data Files suggestions

We used to have a context menu in the launcher, dunno what happened to that. Quite easy to re-add it though.