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by Mordicus
17 Jan 2015, 05:15
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Topic: Compatibility with MGSO
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Re: Compatibility with MGSO

I did not find a clear answer about animated grass and OpenMW. Will OpenMW v1.0 support it? Or future releases? Any chance to integrate MGEXE in OpenMW engine?
by Mordicus
09 Dec 2012, 16:39
Forum: Support
Topic: Will not run on my Windows 7 64-bit machine
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Re: Will not run on my Windows 7 64-bit machine

(do I need to create a new thread?) Have just tested OpenMW 0.19 (never tested OpenMW before) on Win7 64bits too. When the game launches, I can only see a black & white forms (kind of landscape shapes...). Pressing 'escape' will bring a menu with only 3 choices (not displaying very well): resume, op...
by Mordicus
01 Jan 2012, 17:16
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Topic: End of Year Status 2011
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Re: End of Year Status 2011

Happy New Year and Greetings to you all!

As many, I suppose, there is no much I can do to help, but I following your progress with great anticipation. Let me encourage you: keep up the good work and best wishes for the next development steps. Thank you for what your are doing.