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by qqqbbb
18 Nov 2015, 19:12
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Topic: containers using levelled lists
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Re: containers using levelled lists

You can do it with tes3cmd

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tes3cmd dump  --type cont --match  "l_n_amulet" "morrowind.esm" > tes3cmddump.txt
by qqqbbb
21 Sep 2015, 03:24
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Topic: Editing an ESM / Merging an ESP to an ESM
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Re: Editing an ESM / Merging an ESP to an ESM

scrawl wrote: Anyone knows of any other (working) tools?
by qqqbbb
21 Jul 2015, 12:02
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Topic: [post-1.0] Scripting enhancemnts
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Re: [post-1.0] Scripting enhancemnts

Let's say we have 2 scripts: Begin script1 short done if ( done == 0 ) ; lots of lines of code set done to 1 endif end Begin script2 short done if ( done == 1 ) return endif ; lots of lines of code set done to 1 end In vanilla game script2 takes less CPU time than script1. What about OpenMW?
by qqqbbb
23 May 2015, 05:49
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Topic: Playthrough observations
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Re: Playthrough observations

There is nothing wrong with idle animations. See this.
by qqqbbb
25 Jan 2015, 22:10
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Topic: openmw.cfg
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Why is there another openmw.cfg file in OpenMW directory? Does it load after the one in Documents\my games\openmw directory?

How do I comment lines in openmw.cfg?

And a bug... Adding "start="Seyda Neen" to openmw.cfg crashes game.
by qqqbbb
25 Jan 2015, 00:11
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Randomizing content
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Re: Randomizing content

In Skyrim they use aliases for that.
by qqqbbb
20 Aug 2014, 17:18
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Topic: Missing archives in morrowind.ini
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Missing archives in morrowind.ini

I tried to launch OpenMW and got error "archive TR_data.bsa not". So I removed this missing archive from morrowind.ini ( vanilla game runs without complaining about this btw) but I still get this error. Reinstalling OpenMW does not help.
by qqqbbb
10 Jun 2013, 12:13
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Topic: OpenMW 0.24.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.24.0

I didnt have any sound issues with RC1. RC2 runs fine too. OS windows 7 x64.
by qqqbbb
09 Jun 2013, 14:06
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Topic: Mele Combat
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Re: Mele Combat

Bethesda can not do anything about The site is registered in China.
by qqqbbb
28 Mar 2013, 15:12
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Topic: v0.22.0 Bugs/Issues
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Re: v0.22.0 Bugs/Issues

And when launching omwlauncher.exe in folder that has cyrillic characters you get this