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by Gilgamesh
27 Jan 2019, 20:45
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: A kind of crazy idea
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Re: A kind of crazy idea

Pardon me for off-off-topic, but i've got some idea-related ideas, useful perhaps, if/when it ever shall be realized. I've noticed in the lore long time ago, and i bet not just me, strong impact of sumerian-akkadian mythology and language (obvious example: every daedric shrine with assur in it's nam...
by Gilgamesh
26 Jan 2019, 23:26
Forum: Mod Compatibility
Topic: OpenMW 0.45 RC for Win 10 64bit and 300+ mods
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Re: OpenMW 0.45 RC for Win 10 64bit and 300+ mods

That was nice reading, good to know i'm not alone this "We need more mods, muthsera" game, currently it's 285 :ugeek: Have you considered mastering magicka ? I've yet didn't try this one in one particular setup, still i'm familiar with it's impact, and the stuff is great, don't like editing through ...