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by Petethegoat
10 Jul 2019, 07:46
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Documenting Xbox UI differences from PC
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Re: Documenting Xbox UI differences from PC

I won't be any help implementing this in openmw, but i have kicked about the idea of implementing a controller friendly UI for the original engine with MWSE, so i'd definitely appreciate your reference screenshots and the extracted button textures. :)
by Petethegoat
08 Oct 2018, 01:00
Forum: General Development
Topic: The new MWSE-Lua interface
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Re: The new MWSE-Lua interface

I think there's a lot of good reasons in favour of exclusive sandboxing. But there's this assumption that anything a modder wants to use that isn't supported or exposed in the engine, will and should be integrated into the core engine. It seems really obvious to me that this won't be what happens in...
by Petethegoat
15 Jun 2018, 23:33
Forum: General
Topic: MWSE, Lua and OpenMW compatibility
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Re: MWSE, Lua and OpenMW compatibility

User safety and cross platform support are high in the projects goals, and that comes with the acceptance that there may be drawbacks. You can't please everyone. The problem is, if I have to direct people to an engine fork that I've made to add features for my mod, then they're downloading a random...