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by hodgicus
13 Mar 2019, 03:42
Forum: News
Topic: Followers of shadows, the day has come!
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Re: Followers of shadows, the day has come!

You guys are incredible.
I'm checking every day for .45, even though .44 is the best MW experience I've ever had.
Thank you, thank you, awesome team. This is the coolest project ever.
by hodgicus
02 Sep 2018, 14:34
Forum: General
Topic: Recent Negativity Regarding OpenMW
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Re: Recent Negativity Regarding OpenMW

Although this is my first entry on the forum, I have been following several of you for a while. I totally get that modders from other forks in the MW tree are wary of the OpenMW project, and worried, too, that as it matures much of their work may obsolesce. It will. The "Recent Negativity Regarding ...