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by Pop000100
17 Apr 2021, 20:58
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Topic: openmw is good
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Re: openmw is good

2 years on the master branch yes, but branch 0.7.1 was being actively developed last summer. The suggests that tes3mp is basically feature-complete at this point, so perhaps there's not a pressing need to develop it further for the time being. David back dates the commits so fixes, say th...
by Pop000100
25 Apr 2020, 01:40
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Spellmaking and Enchanting: factor harmful effects as negative
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Re: Spellmaking and Enchanting: factor harmful effects as negative

This is something I have wanted for a long time this, and make different charges have a effect for soulgems for constant effect. as a point in favor of this daggerfall had this sort of thing the second "best" soul is the dragonling but the most powerful soul was the daedra lord but it made the item ...
by Pop000100
15 Nov 2019, 06:48
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Topic: is OpenMW restricted to .bik video files?
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Re: is OpenMW restricted to .bik video files?

If I remember right, OpenMW loads only .bik but however there is a workaround if rename a file(that is supported by both FFMPEG and your device) to .bik it loads.
by Pop000100
18 Oct 2019, 03:41
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Brightness & Intro Skipping
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Re: Brightness & Intro Skipping

For Intro Skipping change these lines in openmw.cfg fallback=Movies_Company_Logo,bethesda logo.bik fallback=Movies_Morrowind_Logo,mw_logo.bik fallback=Movies_New_Game,mw_intro.bik fallback=Movies_Loading,mw_load.bik fallback=Movies_Options_Menu,mw_menu.bik just replace xxxxxxxxx.bik with anything th...
by Pop000100
06 Aug 2019, 21:24
Forum: Support
Topic: [Solved] OpenMW .45 missing files
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Re: OpenMW .45 missing files

Sounds like your looking for the multiplayer fork which is here not the master codebase
by Pop000100
23 Jun 2019, 01:54
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Topic: I dont understand modding with openmw
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Re: I dont understand modding with openmw

i agree with calusari. Otherwise .omwaddon and .esp act exactly the same, you put them in same folder, you activate them in the launcher the same way, etc. It's just that in the future, omwaddons are likely to not work anymore in the vanilla engine. .omwaddons dont have the compiled script byte code...
by Pop000100
23 Apr 2019, 06:30
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Topic: Side Quests?
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Re: Side Quests?

i recently played the whole game through TES3MP, and besides TES3MP's current lack of full script sync(which will come later), we had no issues, i did use
Patch For Purists which has fixes for Morrowind, bugs in the base game
by Pop000100
22 Apr 2019, 08:11
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Topic: Understanding per-group animation support
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Re: Understanding per-group animation support

akortunov mind documenting what need to be done to convert a AnimKit animation to OpenMW?
by Pop000100
18 Apr 2019, 23:16
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Topic: Race height/weight limited to minimum of 0.5 scale
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Re: Race height/weight limited to minimum of 0.5 scale

I've been trying to find this limitation in code, so far without any success. It feels artificial, although I'm not sure if it's necessary for some Morrowind fixes or mods. it is for a mod that was broken by the unreplicated behavior because it can't use it a variable store, Morrowind resets scale ...
by Pop000100
27 Jan 2019, 08:58
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Topic: Gaming mouse
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Re: Gaming mouse

have only used a microsoft mouse 3500 i think, Razer Naga 2014, and Logitech 403 Prodigy, liked Razer Naga was good but after 4 years of use it has a wonky scroll wheel and some buttons have lost some sensitivity, i use the Logitech for my laptop and as a back up and i have been very happy with it, ...