Mods That Respect Morrowind

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Re: Mods That Respect Morrowind

Post by psi29a » 06 Mar 2020, 12:28

After warning Rounicarus, he sent a PM to Zini, Lgro and myself:
RounIcarus wrote:
05 Mar 2020, 21:54
psi29a wrote:
05 Mar 2020, 15:44
The following is a warning which has been issued to you by an administrator or moderator of this site.
This is a warning regarding the following post made by you: viewtopic.php?f=40&p=66584#p66584 .

It has been reported as a Trolling/abusive posts; please review.
Are you kidding me? These people came into my thread and did nothing but criticize and invalidate the very purpose for having it... This is MY thread, I didnt go to someone elses thread and start something, THEY CAME TO ME!

You are literally a contributor to the harassment against me, I wont wait for you to escalate on your admin abuse, im taking this higher up...


I am being bullied and harassed by people who clearly missed the point of my thread. I tried to be polite and handle the situation with some kind of grace, but these people just kept coming back over and over going off topic and even going as far as to invalidate the purpose for having the thread.

Quote from Time4Tea "You know those thousands of years of history are just imaginary, right? That never actually happened ..."

What the hell is that? Why is he even in this thread? Or even on this website? Saying something like that is a direct attempt to invalidate the source material... Thats like a direct attack at the title of this thread... But somehow there is something wrong with me?

Then to make matters worse, PSI29A flags me when he himself is an antagonist in this situation... Thats admin abuse... Its a handful of people that keep piling onto this ridiculous argument that the story of Morrowind is invalid because the source material is invalid because convoluted argument xyz... They filled my thread with off topic abusive comments and kept doubling down again and again... Now im flagged because I dont like HIS ABUSE! The very person who flags me is an abuser if thats acceptable in this community then ban me. I clearly wont have any joy or peace here if I can openly have the purpose for having a thread invalidated and attacked... Its unbelievable...
I think it best to make this public and clear. It speaks for itself.

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Re: Mods That Respect Morrowind

Post by mikeprichard » 06 Mar 2020, 21:53

As this topic - like so many others on the internet - has devolved into a series of long-winded rants and personal attacks providing no specific factual evidence or explanations regarding the existence of an alleged monolithic original lore, while ignoring facts already provided indicating such a concept never existed, I suggest closing this topic. Anything likely to be relevant to other readers has already been said. I take this opportunity to thank the many OpenMW developers and others who have consistently responded rationally and politely in this topic, despite the many other ways in which they could have used their valuable time. Cheers.

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Re: Mods That Respect Morrowind

Post by lysol » 07 Mar 2020, 00:47

Thank you everyone that tried to have a friendly discussion in this thread. It is unfortunate for RounIcarus that he choses to take offense for things not meant to be taken as offensive. Making an argument is not equal to harrasing someone. Any grown up person should be able to handle fair criticism.

Thread locked.
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