Disable shadows on grass

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Disable shadows on grass

Post by Mizunogaki » 27 Nov 2019, 05:52

Hi! I use Vurt's Groundcover mod and terrain shadows. It is possible to turn off only grass shadows and leave working other terrain shadows?

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Re: Disable shadows on grass

Post by CMAugust » 27 Nov 2019, 12:27

"Terrain" in this case just refers to the overworld ground mesh. Everything else like grass, rocks and trees are considered objects. I guess you're looking for ways to mitigate Groundcover's huge performance cost. But keep in mind grass mod esp files were never meant to be used this way: they were intended to be used solely by MGE XE's distant land generation tool in order to create a performance-friendly version. There's no special handling for grass in OpenMW (yet) so unfortunately your options are either to turn off object shadows altogether, or skip the grass mods until OpenMW has its own solution. On the plus side, when OpenMW does have a system for grass, you'll likely get the best of both worlds in terms of looks and performance.

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