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Resolution Not Saved

Post by Khuzdbuzd » 10 Oct 2019, 19:04


After downloading and installing the most recent nightly (October 2019) the resolution I've given in the Openmw launcher (1920X1080) is no longer saved upon launching the game, and keeps reverting to a higher resolution after getting to the main menu. The gamma is also adjusted to a much higher setting once the game is running.

I can change the resolution and gamma in game but they will not be saved after exiting.

I've googled this issue before and answers always seem to end up the same: run all your .exe's as administrator, disable or enable dpi-scaling, edit this ini, edit this settings file, go to documents/my games and edit the settings.cfg file and set it to read only.
None of these solutions work and sometimes even seem to aggravate the situation, i.e. a resolution ending up at 1440p or 2160p.

I want my resolution to be at 1920X1080 and I'm guessing that somewhere the issue is probably monitor related. However, having seen other people try to get this issue resolved as well there never seems to be a clear answer. Maybe we can get this thing resolved once and for all.

I've noticed my openmw.log file telling me:
Changed setting: [Video] resolution x = 3840
Changed setting: [Video] resolution y = 2160

but there's no extra information on why it's doing that.

Please let me know what information I can provide to figure out what's actually going on here.

Thank you for any help you can give!

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