Suggestion: Discord server

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Re: Suggestion: Discord server

Post by psi29a » 28 Jun 2019, 22:16

AnyOldName3 wrote:
28 Jun 2019, 14:26
Sure. Also, while we're on the not-yelling, let's change all of our camel-case variable names to lowercase, because it's much more calming to read thevariablethatgovernswhetherornotwedothethingthatweonlydosometimes when there are no word boundaries being yelled. :D
thevariablethatgovernswhetherornotwedothethingthatweonlydosometimes should probably be x, a perfectly laconic choice. :lol:

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Re: Suggestion: Discord server

Post by raevol » 29 Jun 2019, 02:55

psi29a wrote:
28 Jun 2019, 22:16
should probably be x

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