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Re: Portmod - Mod Manager

Post by edvind » 04 Apr 2020, 19:48

I just have to say: This is a great command line tool! Thank you so much for developing it.

I wish I was better at programming so that I could help. Is there anything else I can do? Maybe looking up mod licenses or something?

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Re: Portmod - Mod Manager

Post by bmw » 04 Apr 2020, 21:47

You're welcome!

The main thing that requires little or even no programming experience would be adding mods to the repository.

Creating pybuild files to add mods to the repository does require some programming knowledge, but for most mods it should be minimal as it's mainly just copying information into fields in a python file that can be copied from a template (either copy and modify an existing pybuild file, or you can also use the skel.pybuild in the root of the repo which has some descriptions of the fields). I would suggest avoiding large, complicated, mods, particularly at first. It's much simpler when mods have just one source file and few necessary configuration steps or optional features. There's also a brief guide on the wiki, which may be helpful: https://gitlab.com/portmod/portmod/-/wi ... uild-Guide

Alternatively, or for mods which you might feel are too complicated to add yourself, you could just create an issue for them on the openmw-mods repository that lists things such as the license information that you've found, any dependencies the mod has, any optional features, and maybe even the structure of the source file. This is basically the information that goes into the build file, and would be a useful starting point for someone else when creating the pybuild file. I think I'll set up an issue template on GitLab that can be used as a starting point.

The other thing of course is bugtesting. Just using portmod and reporting any problems or bugs you encounter is very helpful.

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