2 small mods using a omwllf approach

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2 small mods using a omwllf approach

Post by i30817 » 19 Nov 2018, 16:36


It's a replacement for no_spells_for_sale that i bothered fliggerty to make but never was able to use (since MWSE doesn't work on wine) and a simple creation of my own 'scribe_scrolls' to put a script to learn a equivalent version of the spell from the scroll if you have high enough stats on the relevant spell school.

Well, i say 'equivalent' but some of those scrolls costs are whacked, so i limited them to 200 at most (randomized down to 180-200 if > 190. Since Tamriel's rebuilt 'costliest new spell' is about 200 magicka i thought this was ok, if for some reason you wanted to learn the terrible windform spell and spend 200 magicka a pop instead of being a flying mecha wizard from enchantment as usual.

scribe_scrolls also gives a alternative to collect spell effects for the spellmaker, especially if you're using no-spells-for-sale at the same time.

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