Converting a mwse mod to openmw

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Converting a mwse mod to openmw

Post by i30817 » 07 Nov 2018, 06:09

I'm not the author but a long time ago i asked fliggerty for this mod:

Because i was annoyed it was so easy to get all the spell effects from dinky spells from the cornerstore (i'm used to the ultima7/diablo tradition of finding spells to inscribe in dangerous places).

That is, i wanted until i found out how few spell effects can be gained from quests.

Enter this mod:

Which adds learn-able spell scrolls to the leveled list.

Only problem now is that no spells for sale requires mwse, so it doesn't work on openmw, which is not acceptable now because it's the only way i can play it anymore? Could anyone who knows what they're doing try to update that mod? It removes the 'Spells' menu entry on all npcs, even mod added ones.

edit: anyway decided this is kind of silly since i can just resist temptation and not buy spells, but i won't say no if this is fixed.

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Re: Converting a mwse mod to openmw

Post by lysol » 07 Nov 2018, 08:49

My guess is that you actually can't recreate this mod yet, since the mod otherwise probably wouldn't have used mwse. When OpenMW gets the Lua scripting though, this mod can be converted. Maybe even translated on-the-fly if someone makes a tool to do that.
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