Hey let's switch away from bullet to anything else (discussion)

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Re: Hey let's switch away from bullet to anything else (discussion)

Post by wareya » 10 Jan 2019, 14:08

I'm pretty sure that's a problem with how bullet implements cylinders. I added cylinders to my personal 3d collision toy and it didn't have a real negative impact on performance. Either way cylinders are potentially problematic for vanilla level design too since they let you slip through some gaps that you can't in vanilla, since you're 30%ish skinnier when walking on 45 degree angles (relative to the euclidean axises).
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Re: Hey let's switch away from bullet to anything else (discussion)

Post by Stomy » 10 Jan 2019, 15:32

Yeah, our own implementation only has to represent characters so it shouldn't cost significantly more than any other type of collider.

Are there any places where that difference is actually used in vanilla though? Or even in PT/TR? As far as I've seen the vast majority of tilesets are designed and used aligned to axes and I think them behaving differently when rotated 45 degrees would be more annoying for level designers moving forward than expecting diagonals to work differently, especially with TR's Dres tileset having a hexagonal motif.
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