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Re: Recent Negativity Regarding OpenMW

Post by CMAugust » 02 Aug 2018, 15:24

From my observation, outreach and interaction from those actually associated with the OpenMW team have been very good, and getting better all the time.

Much of the negative commentary towards the project I've seen is from those who either don't know, or don't respect, the fact that OpenMW is about more than just enabling cooler mods. It's one of the major benefits of course, but if that was the only objective it probably wouldn't even exist. There were additional goals the developers wanted to achieve, and now it looks like all of them will be fulfilled.

I'm impressed by what's been going on with vanilla modding in recent years, and the speedy unraveling of original code - but I also have huge respect for the OpenMW project, and the principles that allowed it to get this far. The existence of a near-complete open source engine written entirely by volunteers is incredible. Even the vocal detractors seem to agree it will be the best way to play Morrowind - eventually. For those who can't wait, the vanilla game will always be there in the meantime, and continue to be hacked with new modding opportunities. Both projects are in a good place with no sign of slowing down, so the overall picture is one of optimism.

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