C++ programmer

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C++ programmer

Post by SmadnyMnich » 07 Apr 2016, 09:49

Hi there,
I would like to help this perfect project, but I don§t know how. I prefer C++ but never worked on game. If you have interest please contact me here on forum or by email.

[email protected]

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Re: C++ programmer

Post by pi03k » 07 Apr 2016, 14:58

Welcome on-board,
Get familiar with this part of wiki
https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title ... _Reference
especially this
https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title ... ment_Setup

Build and read one of those manuals included in repo (or both).
openmw/manual/opencs$ pdflatex main.tex
openmw$ make latexpdf -C docs/cs-manual/

Then you can look for a task on bug tracker.

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Re: C++ programmer

Post by Zini » 07 Apr 2016, 14:59

Welcome. Please go through the new developer checklist linked here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=734

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