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Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:46

raevol wrote: Hey guys I got this email:

I am Snusmumriken from, Polish TES site...
I would like to ask You for premission to host / promote / ? Your openMW on my site.

Please tell me Your condition and rules. For example:
- can we prepare Polish version of FAQ?
- can we host it with patches?

If You want to know something about our site, feel free to ask, thx

Best regards,
I asked him to post here, but said I would post if I beat him to it. Everyone say hi, and what do you think?
Zini wrote: OpenMW is open source and free software, which allows to do a lot with it, including what was requested. Asking is nice though ;)

I see the following problems.

1. The FAQ is outdated by now. Translating it would be a waste of time. I suggest he waits until we have updated it.

Regarding hosting:

2. If there is anything to fix, it should go into the main repository instead of hosting a patched version elsewhere. While the license allows hosting a modified copy (assuming the source code is hosted alongside), it is counter-productive.

3. Hosting a exact copy of OpenMW somewhere else is okay. I think the GPL license still requires to host the source alongside (at least that was true for GPL2, haven't checked GPL3 yet). I would ask though, that we can see the download statistics for alternative hosting locations.

Oh, and another note:

4. I don't know Polish, but if this language uses any non-English letters, OpenMW won't work with it yet. I hope he is aware of that.
Snusmumriken wrote: Hi,

1. Just let me know when updated FAQ will be ready.

2. 3. We are interested in hosting only latest compiled version of OpenMW. If it requires hosting sources, thats ok. And You can see download statistics.

4. We will check if its working with Polish version. But we love OpenMW general idea, so working or not, we support it ;] A lot of our users plays in English version anyway...
Zini wrote: Okay. One of the our downloads is a source package. If you host all packages for the current version, this requirement should be satisfied.

Unless another team member takes the tasks before me, I will try to update the FAQ either this weekend or next week.
Zini wrote: FAQ update complete.
Snusmumriken wrote: Polish FAQ is up, finally...

Files are also uploaded, but our donwload section is a little bit messy right now...

plus news about 0.11.0 upadate

Keep up the good work :D
Greendogo wrote: Is the language usage problem in OpenMW still down to that font problem that would be easier to solve using cegui than mygui? :P
Zini wrote: Can't comment on the CEGUI part, but it is not only the font. The unicode handling is somewhat problematic. Currently it only works, if the language settings of your system are matching the language of the plugins. Pretty annoying. And if you happen to use a collection of plugins with more than one language (unlikely, I know, but not completely impossible), then you are screwed.
Also, there are a few places in the code where handling of non-ASCII characters does not work at all (i.e. filenames).
best regards,