Missing companions fix

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Missing companions fix

Post by Jarad » 23 Apr 2018, 09:32

I understand that this happened in vanilla also but I would love for companions to stop disappearing whenever load orders or mods are changed. It really isn't too bad except when you are playing with jasmine or another excellent companion and someone comes out with a patch or a new version number of an excellent mod (yeah I'm talking to you tamriel rebuilt) and then after the new esp is loaded you have to go through the consol to get your friend back.
Not a huge inconvenience but just annoying enough to make you sit on a download until finishing the playthrough. So maybe post 1.0 this could be fixed in your engine?

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Re: Missing companions fix

Post by Chris » 23 Apr 2018, 21:09

What causes them to disappear? The companion NPC definition would be in the companion mod file, and the location of NPCs should be stored in the save file. I can't see how changing an unrelated mod would cause them to disappear.

Do you know where they disappear to? Are they simply placed in the wrong location, or are they fully reset (reverted stats, no long have items you've given them).

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