Release Planning

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Release Planning

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:05

Zini wrote: It's been a while since the last release and maybe it is about time to think about the next one.

We have only one open entry in the roadmap for 0.08 (Music player) and it is flagged as a low priority task. I assume Nico wants to take it, since he did all the other sound stuff. But it is hardly a show-stopper and could be moved to 0.09 as well, if it isn't ready in time.

IMHO we have to sort out the build problems on Windows first, because without a Windows binary there is little point in a release (on Linux we provide only a snapshot of the source at this point).

And we need to find volunteers for packaging the release for Linux, Windows and (if possible) for Mac.
Star-Demon wrote: If I understood the job a little better for the windows package, I wouldn't mind finding something to do with it, but unfortunately I can't even build the source yet because of setup and I'm running out of "do whatever I want" time.

This week, if anything, is being spent getting ready for other things, but my other priority is to at least clean up my classes to conform to the standard and then update my fork to show what I have so far for GUI classes so we can discuss filling them in.

Personally, since there's been so much sound work so far, all we really need to do is add another buffer/channel and call it "Music" and is run by a music manager that is watching the player's state in the world.

So, it's something that's doable...the question is do we need a release right now? I'd say it'd be worth pushing back music and hitting 0.08 if we make a big deal out of the progress we're making and to amp up the bethsoft community into getting involved or start working on mods again. Then I say we push back music and show our hand.
Zini wrote: Seems the Windows problem is sorted out. I suggest Star updates his fork with Nico's master branch (don't forget the submodule update). If that works, we should be nearly ready for a release and maybe doing some PR.

IMHO the following tasks should be handled before we get to the release:

- merge in Ape's master branch (has an important bug fix)
- add the music player (semi-optional)
- do something about the volume; sound effects are much too loud compared to voice acting (optional)
- restore compatibility with Redemption (optional)
nicolay wrote: I agree, we're about good to go on 0.08. I've postponed the music player to the next release (it was low priority anyway), the sound volume has been reclassified as a bug/issue and we can deal with that later too, and the redemption bug has been fixed.

There's a couple of minor additions I'd like to make to ape's changes before pulling them in, so I've postponed that right now. But I've included the bug fix itself (or an alternative to it), so we can cross that one off the list as well.

What's left then really is compiling and packaging the Windows binary. I think we should put our efforts into making that work this time around, or at least try.
Star-Demon wrote: I'll get on updating and more writing this weekend. Hopefully the incoming hurricane doesn't leave me without a compy.
Star-Demon wrote: Props to the nice person that made a thread over on bethsoft's elder scrolls forum.

anyways...back to bed... *sick*
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