Appreciation thread

Everything having to do with OpenMW's TES3MP branch.
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Appreciation thread

Post by perfectcolors » 04 Mar 2017, 00:27

I'm fairly new to Morrowind in general, but over the past month I finally decided to start playing it, which naturally led me down the path of researching which patches, mods and enhancements I might like to use. This eventually led me to learning about OpenMW (an amazing project), which I now exclusively use to play single player with.

Anyway, I recently found out about TES3MP a number of days ago and decided to test it out with a friend who is also new to playing Morrowind. I'll be honest, based on previous experience with other projects of this nature I was fully expecting to be greeted with desyncs, lag and frequent crashes. So you could imagine my surprise when several hours later my friend and I found ourselves having a blast exploring the world together, looting treasures and attacking each other with spells we'd learn. We've been playing for the past three nights until the sun comes up!

I didn't realize what a difference having a real person to share this world with could make until now. Even with all the systems that are yet to be synchronized, I'm amazed at how well TES3MP works in its current state. I really just wanted to come here to say that I'm so glad something like this is being worked on, and that I will be closely following its development!

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Re: Appreciation thread

Post by davidcernat » 06 Mar 2017, 18:12

Thank you for the kind words. OpenMW is indeed amazing and has allowed us to put together Elder Scrolls multiplayer that lacks the flaws of previous attempts.

All that remains now is synchronizing a few more important systems, and then you can really play through Morrowind properly with your friend.

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