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Infinite view distance

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:54

Greendogo wrote: I think it goes without saying that this is one of the things the OpenMW will aim for from the beginning if object culling and related stuff can be addressed early enough in project.

But even if it's not, it will be something that will probably be a priority sometime. So I just wanted to add in a few suggestions that might improve the experience of infinite view distance over it's MGE counterpart.

First, I think the LOD code can be made more efficient and less FPS hogging than MGE since it will be rooted right into the engine itself instead of tacked on afterwards. But this will be evident and automatic for whoever is writing that code.

Next, it would be great if the visible meshes appearing in the infinite view could acknowledge scripted deactivation in the same way they do in your immediate vicinity so that things like Ghostfence or your arrival ship won't be visible from far away once they "should" be deactivated (like they are with MGE).

Another problem I have with MGE is that being able to see long distances creates unwanted transparency and simplification of the weather system. When you cast levitation and float up into the sky, you "should" be able to see the different weather systems. Floating into the sky on a clear day in Vivec, you should sometimes see storms (especially Blight Storms) in other parts of the island. This particular suggestion is troublesome though, as it means you'd have to figure out how to render clouds and localized fog and weather effects, so it's more of a wish than an easy fix of an MGE problem.

Anything other ideas?
raevol wrote: I'd just like to have the option to go back to the old fog version. I really miss fog from old 3d games, silly as that sounds. Especially Savage.
Husaco wrote: I'm not too keen on the idea much either. I mean, while you should be able to see Red Mountain from pretty much anywhere on Vvardenfell, I don't really want to be able to stand on a hill and see half the island. I would prefer a realistic one â?? considerably longer, but not excessively so.
MGE, MCP and MPP should all be incorporated into the game, certainly.
I doubt anyone will bother to factor in the ability to float as high as you want â?? it isn't meant to be significant, and only those looking to break immersion will float to the stratosphere and point out how inaccurate it is.
ap0 wrote:
MGE, MCP and MPP should all be incorporated into the game.
Are you sure you have understood what Openmw is about ?
Husaco wrote:
ap0 wrote:
MGE, MCP and MPP should all be incorporated into the game.
Are you sure you have understood what Openmw is about ?
That probably should have been phrased better. I mean the elements of these should be incorporated as a post 1.0 optional feature. By my understanding, MPP is actually an .esp, but I don't see the harm having it packaged with it (Although it is BM & TR dependent). Same goes for Tamriel Rebuilt.
Star-Demon wrote: I personally like seeing really far, so future atmospheric effects should be subtle and believable.
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