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Code Style Guidelines

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 16:57

ape wrote: Like somewhere else mentioned in this forum:

It would be nice to have some code style guidelines to improve code readability etc.

The actual reason is that i've some problems with kdevelop4 that are annoying me :D (sometimes scopes are indented 2 spaces others 4 and kdevelop doesn't notice that). If there would be a guideline i could tweak my ide to use that.
Zini wrote: We pretty much agreed on using 4 spaces. There is some old code with only 2 spaces though. If you find new code with only 2 spaces, complain to Nico (since he seems to be the only one who has used these settings).
ape wrote: Alright and what about braces and method declarations and calls (concerning spaces)?
Should they be formated like this?

Code: Select all

float& myCalcFunction(float p1, float p2)
    myClass->doSomething(p1, p2);

Zini wrote: Yes.
ap0 wrote: I have add a small article about thsi in the wiki : ... _Reference
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