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Re: Debian installation report

Post by freem » 18 Aug 2012, 06:26

I am not really familiar with anything related to video and/or audio, so I will not try to play with it. At least to create releases...

I guess I will only TRY to do some scripts to create debian packages (which are really easy in structure: the root directory is a """" clone """" of "/" then you just copy files... there are also some simple files to write about dependencies, but nothing hard. If I am not able to do that, because of time or any other reason, you might have some basic tricks here: ... ler/debian : this is a fork I create for a plug-in project which aimed to be portable but was never tested except on windows. I simply adapt files for a linux usage and create the debian installer. If license is OK, use it, it not, say me why, it files I modified or created are the problem, I will fix it. If needed,)

If it is not urgent, just let me something like 3 days... If I can determine which files need to go where, writing a debian script would be easy to do. Probably not in the standard way (with all dependencies it needs) but standard enough to work. The real problem is more about giving users some choices:
_ which audio system to use (audiere, libsndfile+libmpg123, ffmpeg) ?
_ do the user really need Qt ?

except those, I can not see anyone

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Re: Debian installation report

Post by psi29a » 18 Aug 2012, 07:24

freem wrote:About *buntu, do you have scripts to generate packages?
And have you the same issue as me about destination directory when compiling? This one is annoying, and I can not imagine what I made wrong :/
We use launchpad to help automate our builds. The official Ubuntu releases are statically compiled to avoid end-user problem with missing libraries that do not come standard in the distribution.

Our releases:

If you would like to build your own, we have two sets of libraries.
Statically compiled (for official releases):

Dynamically compiled (for developers):

I hope that helps, Cheers!

edit: in theory, there is debian support in launchpad but we haven't bothered investigating it for now as the demand for debian builds was never really big.

Have you tried downloading our Ubuntu release and seeing if it works in Debian sid? There should be statically compiled 32 and 64 bit. Could you test this out please?

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Re: Debian installation report

Post by jhooks1 » 19 Aug 2012, 05:06

Zini wrote:
I don't think audiere can be used in openmw anymore. Use FFMPEG.
Don't think so. We still have code for audiere.

Anyway, we have three different options for sound, ffmpeg and audiere being to of them (see the wiki or the cmake script for details). But you only need one of them.

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Re: Debian installation report

Post by freem » 29 Aug 2012, 19:23

About the main problem I had (aka: installation is not in /usr/local with default parameters) here is the result of "#make install" here:
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I just found that there is a tool names cpack which is able to build debian package directly from the CMakelists.txt.
The problem actually is that the line concerning dependencies is outdated for testing, and too recent for stable: it uses boost 1.46.1 and debian have for stable and
Debian packages are strange sometimes... there are meta packages for development versions which allow to avoid messing with versions, but not for binary...

I join a patch with the good line for testing (which have the good version of libogre, stables does not have 1.8. This problem will probably be fixed soon since testing is frozen and will become stable in a few time.

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I also have build the debian package for 0.17 for amd64 with default configuration (so, libmpg123 and libsndfile1), I will make dependencies which are not in debian tomorrow. With some luck, it will be as easy as openmw :)
If someone explain me how to cross build for i386, I could do that too. Next, I will just need something to send those files, I guess.