Distant Land + View Distance yeilds low FPS on solid system?

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Re: Distant Land + View Distance yeilds low FPS on solid system?

Post by Time4Tea » 24 Mar 2020, 14:55

GreenWitcher wrote:
24 Mar 2020, 13:26
Hmm, not sure if you're on Windows, but I'm using a the latest nightly build and I tried going to "C:\Users\ *Username* \Documents\my games\OpenMW" and found the settings.cfg, but it doesn't have things like Cells and Terrian in it. But the settings-default.cfg file in the install directory has that. I saw somewhere that the default file isn't the right file to edit for Cells and Terrian but I'm not sure since it's the only file I can find that has those setting options. Is that the right directory for the settings.cfg? A bit confused, sorry. Also, it mentions I'm using a view distancing of 4089, so that definitely can't be the problem unless I'm using the wrong file.
You can just add those lines in to the user config file. As I understand it, any lines that are in the user config will overrride the global file (although I think the settings have to be added to the correct sections).

Also, you can find the full set of advanced configuration options here.

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