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Severe Intermittent FPS Drops

Posted: 25 Jul 2019, 16:19
by UseroftheYear
Hey, been playing OpenMW with no mods and have encountered sudden, consistent, severe FPS drops (about 50-80% reduction) on a wide variety of graphics presets and with and without programs running in the background.

These spikes happen both in interior cells and the outside world, appear to spike physics, scripts, and the other measurement I can't recall at the moment (although physics raises minimally), and do NOT appear to have much effect on my actual computer load; I'm eyeballing load with OpenHardwareMonitor. This IS on integrated graphics, in case that's relevant.

I'm happy to go into more detail, I was just curious if this is a common issue (maybe I haven't turned off Windows Fetch or something).

Here is a visual demonstration.

Thanks all, looking forward to the next update ;)

Re: Severe Intermittent FPS Drops

Posted: 25 Jul 2019, 18:44
by wareya
If it's happening even in the the pause menu, it is certainly related to something going on in the background on your computer. Even if there are no obvious CPU- or GPU-hungry background tasks, the operating system might be doing something strange. It might be worth running the game in windowed mode and watching task manager or process explorer.

Re: Severe Intermittent FPS Drops

Posted: 25 Jul 2019, 23:09
by UseroftheYear

Effect is NOT seen on my real computer even at high graphics.

Turned off Indexing and Skype, but cant really tell what's going on in the huge mess. I'll revisit after my battery and poor heat management are resolved.