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finding textures

Post by FreshMoose » 02 Jan 2019, 04:49

I've been having trouble with the infamous shining rocks textures, and have solved that problem. There are other things in thew game that are shiny, but i am having trouble finding the textures for them in the game files. Specifically beds, shelves, windows, and tankards all have broken textures. Like i said, i know how to fix these things, but i just cannot find the textures for them. Thanks in advance.

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Re: finding textures

Post by akortunov » 02 Jan 2019, 06:15

Select shiny object in the console and execute the "BC" command. It will display the name of mesh, used by object under "Model" section.
Open mentioned mesh in the NifSkope and remove all NiTextureEffects from this mesh and save it.

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Re: finding textures

Post by Enkida » 03 Jan 2019, 20:43

This was my painful way to solve it, but:

go to your open mw mod folder
run a search on the entire folder for anything named *_n*.dds
weed thru those files to find the messed up normal mapping and note the file path to them
then manually rename them all properly
then look at your file paths to see which mod folder the bad textures were in, and open the mesh folder in that particular mod
then go bughunting in nifskope using logic, name detective work, and a damn lot of patience

... or take your chances and delete the mesh folders, if you‘re brave

There‘s probably some easier way to do this but that‘s how I did it

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