Incorrect Strength Multiplier for Carry Weight

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Incorrect Strength Multiplier for Carry Weight

Post by Ravenwing » 26 Jul 2018, 14:23

There’s a user on reddit who’s convinced that some of our multipliers are wrong. ... h=37df9c85

Anyone know how carry weight is calculated? He seems pretty sure it’s not tes3mp that’s creating the bug and I don’t have time to test it out myself.

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Re: Incorrect Strength Multiplier for Carry Weight

Post by akortunov » 26 Jul 2018, 14:55

Our default weight multiplier is STR x5:

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where fEncumbranceStrMult = 5.0 by default.
The only issue I see is when attribute with zero index is not strength for some reason.
Movement speed depends on encumberance percent, so with high Strength actor is moving faster when uses the same equipment.

Also it is unclear from descripttion if OP tested OpenMW itself after reinstall or tested TES3MP. Can TES3MP server have custon Lua scripts which alter GMSTs, add attribute caps, etc?

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Re: Incorrect Strength Multiplier for Carry Weight

Post by kuyondo » 26 Jul 2018, 15:07

Works fine on my end. When I have 1 strength, my max encumbrance value is 5.

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