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Two installations of MW questions

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 00:22
by Gaerhart
WOW! What great work the team has done never fails to astonish me. I've had no real issues with openmw so far so I've decided to see how far and can push it so note that I don't expect all my questions to have satisfying answers.

My latest trial is seeing if I can have two installs of Morrowind running, one through steam with the code patch and all that, and one with openmw on a different drive. I have had... varying... degrees of success.

So, surprisingly it seems to work just fine except for the fact that despite reinstalling with the latest nightly of openmw telling it only to use the version on the SSD and trying every way I know how (openmw and my second MW install are on my SSD, while the code patch and steam install are on my HDD) openmw uses the correct esm's and esp's but it is using the textures, meshes, and shaders from the steam install on the other drive. This is mostly fine except that some objects look pretty funky without the MGE XE shaders in openmw. Also the water shader defaults to vanilla which is a bummer.

Is there anything I am missing or is this simply a limitation for legal purposes to limit pirating with openmw? Any input is greatly appreciated, but ultimately it isn't too hard for me to just switch installs around and keep two versions elsewhere and just copy the one I want to play into the steam directory. That is kinda slow however so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask because with all I've seen from openmw your imagination seems to be the limit.

Re: Two installations of MW questions

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 01:13
by AnyOldName3
In your documents directory, under 'My Games/OpenMW' you'll find openmw.cfg. In it, there'll be one or more lines saying 'data="<some path>"'. They're the paths where OpenMW loads data from. If the only path in there points to your supposedly completely vanilla install, then seeing non-vanilla meshes means it's not actually a completely vanilla install. OpenMW doesn't do anything fancy to determine where your Morrowind game files came from (after all, it's supposed to be able to run new games, too, like our example suite, which doesn't have anything to do with Steam).

Re: Two installations of MW questions

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 01:36
by Gaerhart
Aha! That was exactly the issue when I updated the version of openmw I kept the old .cfg file settings so it was using the old and new data together creating some wacky results. As soon as I fixed that it is working perfectly! WOW! This engine never ceases to amaze. Thanks for your quick reply!