I want OpenMW's Stars Back!!

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I want OpenMW's Stars Back!!

Post by Kristubs » 01 May 2018, 12:16

I went through a massive mod compilation for OpenMW just for the heck of it and in the process downloaded the star textures as well. Well...when I got in game I noticed how much I didn't like them. For 1 thing it's just a static image on a treadmill. No dynamic lights coming from that night sky. And I remembered when I first downloaded OpenMW how amazed I was at the night sky and stars.

I figured I could just delete the tx_stars.dds files from the mods and OpenMW would default back to its stars. Well actually it seems that OpenMW has defaulted to the vanilla morrowind stars :?

Is there a way that I can keep both "Skies IV" by Slartibartfast and "Hi-Res Skies and Weathers" by Vurt while also using the beautiful OpenMW stars?
I'm thinking maybe I there is a .esp or .omwaddon that I can throw at the end of my load order that will ask OpenMW to load its stars? Because I'm guessing the mods I have installed are looking for star textures and since there is none it just defaults to the data available (vanilla morrowind).

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