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Invisible cursor when compiled from source (macOS)

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 14:15
by dedaenc
Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue where the cursor is invisible on menu screens. This happens on clean builds, with no mods, when compiled from scratch using the GitHub repo. The action of the cursor is present, but it's impossible to track its position. Occasionally the cursor symbol is replaced by an inconsistent glitchy box.

The cursor works fine using the pre-compiled 0.43 macOS binary, but I like to use Scrawl's first-person-enhanced-style patch ( when I play (and I just get a kick out of tracking the progress in the master). This issue is present without the patch using the master branch though.

I use the CI scripts to set up the build, though as I'm using macOS 10.13, I change the CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET (nothing else). I believe this issue only started when I upgraded to 10.13, but I can't be sure. I get the same issue when I compile and use openmw-deps-mac to build the dependencies; everything works perfectly, except the cursor.

It's a small issue, but I'd love a fix. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Many thanks in advance,