Loading quicksave issues

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Loading quicksave issues

Post by srspaeth » 27 Jun 2017, 01:46

Hi, i'm having problems loading quicksaves after I make repeated, frequent saves. For example, I'm in an interior in Balmora, quicksaving for persuasion attempt, and after I get the disposition to 80, the quicksaves fail to load. I get the error,
Failed to load saved game:moveTo: Objectis not in this cell.
I checked the logs afterwards, here is what is says:

Code: Select all

Loading cell Balmora, Dorisa Darvel: Bookseller
error line 26, column 24 (&)
    syntax error
Failed to add start script birthsign_bsp_hregen because an exception has been thrown: compile error
Playing music/explore/mx_explore_7.mp3
Unloading cell
Failed to load saved game: moveTo: object is not in this cell
Quitting peacefully.
I recently deleted a mod, Magic Diversity http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43380/? because some of the textures were not compatible with OpenMW and I was seeing exclamation points where the spell should be (like in Tamriel Rebuilt), could the deleting of that mod cause this?

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Re: Loading quicksave issues

Post by magamo » 28 Jun 2017, 12:30

Tamriel Rebuilt works fine in OpenMW. Sounds like you did not install them properly

As to the problem you're currently experiencing, are you in a cell that was modified by the mod you removed? Try reloading the mod, moving your character to an unmodified spot, saving, and loading again after removing the mod.

This goes absolutely double if you have any items our effects upon your character from the mod.

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Re: Loading quicksave issues

Post by scrawl » 30 Jun 2017, 16:51

Failed to load saved game: moveTo: object is not in this cell
This error shouldn't be occurring even with faulty mods. Please create a bug report and attach the save file.

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