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Fail load: Previous record contains unread bytes. Subrecord

Posted: 23 May 2017, 00:18
by kuro

I was playing OpenMW, and everything was pretty good, until I've decided to reinstall my OS (Linux Mint 18). I've saved my save files from .local/share/openmw/saves. But I reinstalled OS, reinstalled OpenMW again (exactly same version), I've discovered my saves are broken or unable to read by a game.

This is the error message :

Code: Select all

Failed to load saved game: ESM Error: Previous record contains unread bytes.
File: (heres path to the save file)
Subrecord: ANIS
Offset: 0x4ba98
OpenMW version in both cases is 0.40.

Could you please help me restore my save files? At least one of them: last edited, quicksave.

Attaching saves to the post.

Thank you