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Moving Files Help

Post by Tract » 22 Apr 2017, 00:03

I have been playing OpenMW for a bit on my Windows 7 computer, but want to move it over to my Mac, which is were I have a number of questions that I cannot find an answer to.
1.Getting Morrowind files TO my Mac -Can I just copy the Morrowind game folder in the Steam folder, plop it on a flash drive, and put it on my Mac? -If so, where should I put it? -Is there any chance of it becoming incompatible with my save files? -Do I need the entire Morrowind folder, random read-me's and all, or only the ESM files?
Moving save files -After downloading and setting up OpenMW on Mac(assuming I solved question #1), do I just make a save folder and paste the saves into it? Will they still work with the Morrowind game data?
3.Updating -How do I update safely? -Should I back up everything before I download a new update? -How can I keep my saves safe in the event of updating?
Don't feel obliged to answer any or all of these questions, but if anyone has the time to respond to even a few, it would be greatly appreciated!

Also: Is it possible to sync save data between the two computers, by chance?

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Re: Moving Files Help

Post by corristo » 01 May 2017, 10:31

Just in case, I've replied to you on Reddit: ... x/dgz9giw/.

Regarding the sync question: I did something similar by symlinking OpenMW configuration & save folders to Dropbox. Worked like a charm.

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