Crashes when loading areas

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Crashes when loading areas

Post by ComGnorfbert » 14 Mar 2016, 14:30


I am experiencing crashes (more precisely freezes) when using doors to interior/exterior areas. I guess there is a problem with the cell loading and I read some things about memory problems with earlier versions. The crashes are happening more often now. It takes a few minutes for the game to crash but when i started the game there where no problems for at least 2 hours.

I am running Win 7 64bit on a Lenovo Laptop with a Geforce GT630M. I am not using any mods. I am using german language, Bloodmoon but not Tribunal.

The openmw.log doesnt say much. I was playing maybe for 30sec until the game crashed as I wanted to exit a house in Ald'ruhn.
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After the crash there is just the generic "openmw.exe has stopped working".

I am sry but I am not really a genius on that matter, so I would be glad if somebody could help me out.


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