Installing on linux mint: use PPA

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Installing on linux mint: use PPA

Post by xander2077 » 22 Jan 2016, 16:51

For anyone having issues trying to install openmw in linux, try using the PPA first, especially if you have a derivative of Ubuntu, although some flavors of ubuntu are so light that they rely on packages that are outdated by comparison, so trying to install it in things like Lubuntu wont work because it changes the OS so much that it causes instability.

in which case do like i did, and just install your preferred flavor of mint along side your main linux derived OS.

that is the only way i was able to get openmw to install and run with all the dependencies installed as well.

for instructions you can watch "installing openmw on linux" on youtube, or you can just figure it out from the launchpad page that has the ubuntu PPA. there it has instructions on how to install the PPA and openmw with the sudo commands in the terminal. worked flawlessly. deb packages and tar.gz packages listed on launchpad or github don't seem to want to play nice or are simply not going to work without trying to fetch the dependencies one by one, which can be a headache since not all versions of linux will even show them in the package manager and some just don't have them in the repositories. or they are simply builds you have to compile on your own, which again can be a headache.

links below

if this does not work in your version of linux, then try what works and install ubuntu or mint along side your current linux OS