[cpack] cmakefiles can not generate deb due to broken deps

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[cpack] cmakefiles can not generate deb due to broken deps

Post by freem » 18 Sep 2012, 16:20

cmake can generate installers, as I discovered some time ago.

But the current cmakefiles can not generate .deb files because of a wrong dependency against boost for debian testing.
Debian testing is currently using boost 1.49.0 and cmakefiles.txt say it needs 1.46.1, which is not included in any debian distribution (stable have an older one, testing a more recent).
I think using debian testing at the moment is ok, since stable does not have a recent enough version of Ogre3D, so I tried to modify the cmakefiles.txt to fix it, and the result is a working package.

So, I sent a bug report a few days ago, with the patch, but I it had no reply, so I post this here.
Also, in a previous discussion, you said that everything was linked statically, which does not seem to be entirely true: MyGui is linked dynamically. (But it is for libbullet, so the only absent dependency on debian is MyGui when openmw is compiled with default options)

Also, now I know that, I will be able to provide at least amd64 debian testing packages for openmw 0.18 and mygui (because it is linked dynamically so it will be easier to just provide both packages at the moment) with default compilation options for both (options in debian, at least. It means, without ffmpeg but with sndfile1 if I remember correctly), but I do not know where to send those files.
I could for i386, but I never made cross-compilation and have no clue about how to do. I guess the easiest solution would be to have a virtual computer with a i386 distro but it sounds a little '''heavy'''

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Re: [cpack] cmakefiles can not generate deb due to broken de

Post by psi29a » 18 Sep 2012, 22:50

By default, cmake/cpack only produce dynamically linked binaries. Over at launchpad, we pass along additional parameters to cmake and use statically compiled libs (*.a) to produce our release binaries. We do not use cpack for our (Ubuntu) release builds. For testing (RC builds) I use chroots of various Ubuntu releases and also have a Debian sid (i386 and amd64) and do use cpack. K1ll uses xen VMs to do his testing, so no... it is not overkill, it is what is necessary for testing.

It is true that we need to split out and handle Debian in addition to Ubuntu and that the resulting deb files generated can work for both.

It is a bit late for me, but if you want, you can buddy up with me on IRC and we can go over some things. You submitted a patch, but Zini usually wants you to create an github account, fork his openmw branch, make a branch yourself, commit your changes to your branch, push and then ask for a pull from zini. We should probably double test.

This is extremely helpful for git newbies and we should probably link to this in our Developer Checklist: