spell works in Morrowind, not in OpenMW

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spell works in Morrowind, not in OpenMW

Post by krogg » 22 May 2020, 21:23

So I installed OpenMW back in December. Then again about a month or so ago. Couldn't find a link to a daily snapshot so had to git fetch it. Compiled, 64 bit version of the Linux operating system.

For over a decade in original Morrowind, for every character, I have a spell made by a spell-making NPC that restores Strength 1 to 1 points for 38 seconds. It is cheap to buy. It needs only one point to cast and it has a 100% change to cast successfully, even at a low Restoration Magic skill level. This means that the spell is always successfully cast, and that I get one point per second of Strength restoration for 38 seconds. Always.

Not so in OpenMW. I get no error message saying the cast failed, but most of the time (really just about all of the time) nothing happens.

Can anyone please explain? Thank you.

p.s. This is on a character started within OpenMW.

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Re: spell works in Morrowind, not in OpenMW

Post by akortunov » 23 May 2020, 06:26

Create a bugreport and attach a savegame to reproduce the bug.

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