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Re: .tga files support

Post by GoodBetter » 20 Jan 2018, 11:16

So far I've came up with such workaround to my problem:
  1. Unpack bsa archive

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    bsatool extractall Archive.bsa $DataFolder
  • Apply imagemagick's mogrify tool to remove alpha channel and convert to dds all *.tga files in $DataFolder

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    cd $DataFolder; find -name "*.tga" -exec mogrify -alpha off -format dds {} \;
Looks like the issue with the display of these icons is in the (incorrect?) Alpha channel present. Also, mogrifiing * .tga to * .tga with removed alpha does not work out for some reason, so I had to transform it to dds. I am glad, though, that it's not required to patch mod itself to make things work.

Thanks to all the participants for their help! 8-)

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Re: .tga files support

Post by Thunderforge » 26 Jan 2018, 03:25

GoodBetter wrote:
18 Jan 2018, 14:24
So, I made simple plugin to test ;) . I placed an example icon into Data Files/Icons folder, and in vanilla CS changed icons of 2 magic effects which belongs to Imperial race abilities. In vanilla MW this icons were changed and correctly displayed in race selection dialogue, in OpenMW 0.43 on Windows, icons were missed, without any fallback images, just transparent. Can anyone else confirm that, please? icon_test.zip
Not sure if you still need any testers, but this is what I see when I look at Star of the West with your plugin loaded.
Star of the West.png
Star of the West.png (16.5 KiB) Viewed 421 times
Tested on macOS with 2018-01-25 nightly.

Assuming it's still a problem, you should probably file a bug report.

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