sorting issues and unique IDs

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sorting issues and unique IDs

Post by pi03k » 07 Apr 2016, 15:10

I've found few issues in openmw-cs

- verification results sorting by Type is not alphabetical.
- cloned and added pathgrids are lost after reopen of saved omwgame file. Objects on the other hand are saved.
- You can create pathgrids with the same ID. It's not the case for objects. This is an inconsistency. Should IDs be unique?
- inconsistent column sorting. In Objects table sorting by ID is case insensitive (proper IMHO). On the other hand in Verification results sorting by ID puts upper case Z before lower case a.

Are those known bugs? I haven't found them in bug tracker so I'll put them there.

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Re: sorting issues and unique IDs

Post by Zini » 08 Apr 2016, 08:10

All unknown bugs :( Please file bug reports.

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