omwaddon file format

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omwaddon file format

Post by tarsis » 27 Oct 2015, 21:26

[email protected],

i was tinkering with opemw-cs and its amazing how well it works.

my question: what is the reason that openwm-cs saves addons as binary file? i was suprised it wasn't some sort of text file. i even glanced over the saving code, but all i found was tables and vectors written to the omwaddon file, no pictures, sound etc... so imo a text file would be sufficient. what did i miss?


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Re: omwaddon file format

Post by Zeofig » 28 Oct 2015, 03:24

This doesn't really answer your question, but I do know that the omwaddon format is very similar to the old esp format. With tes3cmd, you can even extract the content as plaintext using "perl dump filename.omwaddon", which might interest you (or maybe tes3cmd has just been updated to work on omwaddons).

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Re: omwaddon file format

Post by Zini » 28 Oct 2015, 08:41

We are not planning to make a new format. We are just extending the existing esp/esm formats. And since the file type versioning mechanism in these is broken, we had to formally distinguish our extensions by calling it something else (omwgame, omwaddon). Otherwise someone might try to load our content files into vanilla MW and then wondering why he is getting a weird crash or other problems. We don't want to be responsible for this kind of confusion.

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