referenceable id question

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referenceable id question

Post by cc9cii » 10 Mar 2015, 23:51

CSVWorld::IdValidator::isValid() has this check:

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    if (!first && (c.isDigit()  || c.isSpace()))
        return true;
Which means one can't create (or clone) something like "6th bell hammer" using the creator on the table bottom box.

Can the digit check be moved (i.e. made to return true always) or will that break something else?

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Re: referenceable id question

Post by Zini » 11 Mar 2015, 16:58

The idea here is to be more strict about naming than OpenCS. You can still use all kind of news but newly created records need to be named more sensible.
The case you mentioned is one of the least problematic. But still, I think not allowing names starting with a digit makes perfect sense.

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