filters auto-completion

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filters auto-completion

Post by sirherrbatka » 03 Apr 2014, 09:02

This task is not on the roadmap, but yet, i think that it is crucial for us to implement it before the 1.0.0. What do you think about it?

Yes, i want to do it ;-)

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Re: filters auto-completion

Post by Zini » 03 Apr 2014, 09:11

This is a rather hard task, if we want to do it properly. I haven't given it any thought yet and honestly, I do not consider it necessary for 1.0. If you want to do it anyway, that is fine with me, but I won't be able to provide a lot of assistance right now, because as I said, I haven't given it any thought yet and I am also busy with my own tasks.

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