3D scene: Lighting modes

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Re: 3D scene: Lighting modes

Post by BlueFootedBooby » 21 May 2014, 15:18

seneca37 wrote:As an Interior Modeler and Reviewer for TR I have a few suggestions
1) I never use CS without turning on the bright light. The default setting is unrealistic - its way too dark. If you could make the default light setting match the in-game view, that would be nice.
2) One general ambient bright light - similar to the bright light in the CS is good.
3) When checking item placement, I sometimes need to bring in an additional white light. It would be nice to have a spot light directly where the camera is - pointing forward. This would be useful for placing dark items against dark walls.
I've always assumed the CS was mega-dark because it didn't have the same gamma correction as the actual game.

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