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Re: consultations etc.

Post by sirherrbatka » 22 Dec 2013, 10:58

GhanBuirGhan gave us the answer.
nice to hear from you. It is great to hear that people are still working with Morrowind, and your project sound both ambitious and great. Also great to hear that the Scripting Guide I made so many years ago is still used and considered useful, that is great.
You are very welcome to use the MWSFD as a basis for your documentation, I would just ask you to make a mention of some kind of its Origins, and especially to include the information that it is really the work of many contributors at Bethesdas Morrowind Modding forum at the time.

I am not going to place it under a specific license after all these years. MSFD grew out of my intention to boost the use of scripting among modders, and while I put in most of the work, my role was often more that of a scribe rather than an author. It is thus a community product, and the community can do with it as it pleases.
Thus it comes with the expectation that credit is given, and that no commercial use is made of it, but with no legal obligation whatsoever to do so. A lackmus test of the integrity of the community, if you will, that it has passed very well, I'd say.
If you need to place your adapted version under a license you can certainly do so.

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Re: consultations etc.

Post by Okulo » 22 Dec 2013, 12:39

Sent a message to confirm:
Hello GBG,

Thanks for the quick response, and with such good news too! We are grateful for your permission to use the guide as a basis. I would just like to confirm that the following is okay, just to make sure we have all our bases covered:

If we…

1. wrote a preamble in our manual explicitly saying that:
- a. the manual was based in large part on the Morrowind Scripting Guide for Dummies
- b. we owe thanks to everyone who worked on the Morrowind Scripting Guide for Dummies, especially GhaniBuriGhan, Yacobi and Melian
2. release our manual under the GPLv3 license

…would that be okay?

Best regards,

Ben Koenderink
He responded:

yest thats good. Here is a list of People that have been thanked through the different Versions of the MSFD guide, maybe you can add those names somewhere as well:

exclusiveor77,DinkumThinkum, Björn, abot, Galsiah, Casey Tucker, cyran0 and JOG, Nigedo, Dave Humphrey, ManaUser, ThePal, Erstam, JDGBOLT, Klinn, and MentalElf, Emma, Shoujo, Riiak, Rhyek, Horatio, Ragnar_GD, Nazz, Eldar Mayiere, Striker, B, Shadowsong, Raptormeat, MadMax_001, Iudas, maxpublic, Wakim, LDones, Sheikizza, Horatio, Killgore, XP-Cagey, qwert_44643, flipside, CalladanBrood, B, Mike Lipari, and everyone else who contributed.

Cheers, and happy Holidays,


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Re: consultations etc.

Post by sirherrbatka » 22 Dec 2013, 13:28

Wonderful! :D

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