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editor backup

Post by silentthief » 14 May 2013, 23:36

this seems like a no-brainer to anyone who has done any modding, so if this is available or in the works already please forgive me. but in the OpenMW editor, can we have an automatic or a setting to backup an esp when you save it? An example, you have a mod called "my_vivec.esp" and you change something and it renames the original file as "my_vivec.esp.bak" and saves the new file as "my_vivec.esp"

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Re: editor backup

Post by Zini » 15 May 2013, 08:55

An option to automatically make backups seems sensible. Don't know if we will get that for 1.0 though. We are still short on manpower in the editor area and I would rather release without some non-core features than delay OpenCS 1.0 (its important that we get OpenCS 1.0 out close to OpenMW 1.0 or we will be severely limited in what we can do for OpenMW 1.1)..

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