Strength in Hand to Hand

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Strength in Hand to Hand

Post by Rakhtar » 23 Jul 2018, 02:35

Hey there! So, I'm a beginner (just finished my first year of Computer Science...) and because of that I'm not too confident on the quality of my (small, probably around 13 lines) code. That and because I still haven't learned how to use git properly, I thought I'd share some small legwork I did on the forums, with adding an option to factor strength into hand-to-hand combat. I've added the option in the Advanced tab of the launcher.

By the way, do we have permission to use MCP's strength in hand-to-hand formula? (Final damage * (strength / 40))
Thought I'd ask too, since I've no idea. It might be a good idea to change it, just to be safe.

In the ui_advancedpage.h:
Spoiler: Show
In the advancedpage.cpp
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In the settings-default.cfg:
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In the combat.cpp of OpenMW:
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Now, since I don't even know how to use git aside from cloning things (I'm reading about it right now), if anyone wants to go ahead and change/put these in the project it'd be fine with me. Hopefully I haven't forgotten about anything. In the end I think I just did this for the fun, with college I'm not completely sure I have the time to actually become a developer. Even so, since Morrowind was my first Elder Scrolls game I really wanted to contribute, even if just a little. Hopefully this'll help.

As a first time doing this I'm honestly scared of doing more bad than good by making a whole thread about this.
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Had to change the extension since attaching it with the .cfg gave me an invalid extension error.
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Re: Strength in Hand to Hand

Post by Loriel » 23 Jul 2018, 08:34

Please read ... ou-have-to if you haven't already done so.

Although it's aimed at explaining how to contribute to the project's documentation, it should be adequate to get you started on contributing to the code.

If you follow that route and generate a Pull Request or Merge Request, you will get feedback when other developers review it.


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